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Numerous challenges, including limited resources, random mobility, and lack of standardized communication protocols, are currently preventing a myriad of heterogeneous devices to interact and provide Web services within the context of the Web of Things (WoT). We argue in this paper that these devices should be augmented with artificial intelligence techniques for an enhanced management of their resources and an easier construction of Web applications integrating Real World Things (RWT). To this end, we present a new classification of the WoT challenges and highlight the opportunities of embedding smartness into RWT. We also present our vision of Intelligent WoT by proposing a multiagent system-based architecture for intelligent Web service composition. In addition, we discuss the shift of the WoT toward a Social WoT (SWoT) and debate our ideas within two important scenarios, namely the Intelligent VANET-WoT and smart logistics.


Internet of Things, Web of Things, Multiagent Systems, Web service composition, Social Web of Things, Smart Logistics

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