Rastko Martać, Nikola Milivojević, Vladimir Milivojević, Vukašin Ćirović, Dušan Barać

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This paper discusses harnessing Internet of Things in monitoring and managing dams in Republic of Serbia. Large dams are of major importance, primarily because of their use for electricity, but risks which are associated with it should be greatly taken into account. There is a need to consolidate information related to dam facilities in order to use them for dam management in Republic of Serbia. An information system has been developed based on existing systems, allowing utilization of intelligent network sensors. The aim of paper is to describe possibilities Internet of Things application within specific system for dam safety management. In order to facilitate the inclusion of a large number of intelligent sensors, a new data acquisition module for communication with sensors in the monitoring network is defined. The system should provide on time alerting in the case that the security parameters deviate from expected values.


Internet of Things, cloud, dams, dam safety management, monitoring, Serbia

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