Boban Davidovic, Aleksandra Labus

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This paper presents a new approach to utilize technology in a practical and meaningful manner within a smart home system that can be widely deployed into residential settings. In the modern world, people are rapidly turning to technology as a fast and cost-effective way of improving quality of daily living. This primary goal is to address the needs of the end user by employing networked low-power sensors sensitive to the environment, so it can be altered to their liking. The proposed system consists of following steps: direct environment sensing, collecting and analyzing data and then allowing user to customize the settings and initiate specific commands. This research will present the design and implementation of a practical and simple smart home system, which can be further extended. The system is based on: group of sensors, Raspberry Pi device as a server system and Bluetooth as a communication protocol. These devices can be easily controlled via user-friendly interface for Android phones. The main advantage of the proposed system is that it is a sensible, secure and easily configurable system that provides end users with a neat home automation solution.


Smart home, Android, Raspberry PI, Bluetooth, Sensor technology

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