Rok Kimovec, Marko Topič

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Evaluation of GaAs laser power converters (LPC) is reported in light of theoretical maximum limits calculated with detailed balance method proposed by Shockley and Queisser (SQ). Calculations were done for three different theoretical structures of LPCs homogeneously illuminated by monochromatic light. Effects of LPC thickness, central wavelength of a monochromatic light source and various irradiance levels are discussed. Reflection of incident light from the interface between air and GaAs is calculated and countermeasures in the form of single and double layer anti reflection coatings are theoretically studied. Measurements of single junction, single segment GaAs LPC illuminated by monochromatic light with central wavelength λ0 = 808 nm are presented and compared with the theoretical maximum values.

The conversion efficiency of ηmeas = 54,4 % was measured for GaAs LPC illuminated with power density of monochromatic light pillum = 14,3 W/cm2 at the temperature of the LPC case T = 302 K. For the same parameters conversion efficiency of ηSQ = 76,6 % was calculated resulting in utilization ratio ηmeas/ηSQ=0,71. Measured Jsc and Vocachieve 88,5 % and 89,2 % of theoretically calculated SQ limit values.


laser power converter, Shockley-Queisser limit, GaAs, monochromatic efficiency

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