Branko Milan Koprivica, Ioan Dumitru, Alenka Milovanovic, ovidiu Caltun

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The aim of this paper is to present a research of magnetic hysteresis loops of a toroidal ferromagnetic core made of electrical steel. The experimental results of induced voltage, magnetic induction and hysteresis loop obtained at different frequencies of the sinusoidal excitation magnetic field have been presented. The harmonic content of the induced voltage and magnetic induction have been calculated using Fast Fourier Transformation. Observed variation of higher harmonics with frequency has been correlated to the mechanism of magnetic domain walls damping. A variation of harmonics of the magnetic induction with the amplitude of the excitation magnetic field has been analysed and a proper mathematical model has been proposed. Furthermore, the influence of the triangularly shaped excitation magnetic field and the distorted shape excitation that produces sinusoidal induction on the shape of hysteresis loop and harmonic content of the induced voltage and the magnetic induction has been analysed and discussed.


Ferromagnetic core, FFT and harmonic analysis, magnetic hysteresis, sinusoidal and triangular excitation magnetic field, sinusoidal induction

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