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Disruptive technologies face a lack of Reliability Engineering Standards and Physics of Failure (PoF) heritage. Devices based on GaN, SiC, Optoelectronics or Deep-Submicron nanotechnologies or 3D packaging techniques for example are suffering a vital absence of screening methods, qualification and reliability standards when anticipated to be used in Hi-Rel application. To prepare the HiRel industry for just-in-time COTS, reliability engineers must define proper and improved models to guarantee infant mortality free, long term robust equipment that is capable of surviving harsh environments without failure. Furthermore, time-to-market constraints require the shortest possible time for qualification. Breakthroughs technologies are generally industrialized for short life consumer application (typically smartphone or new PCs with less than 3 years lifecycle). How shall we qualify these innovative technologies in long term Hi-Rel equipment operation? More Than Moore law is the paradigm of updating what are now obsolete, inadequate screening methods and reliability models and Standards to meet these demands. A State of the Art overview on Quality Assurance, Reliability Standards and Test Methods is presented in order to question how they must be adapted, harmonized and rearranged. Here, we quantify failure rate models formulated for multiple loads and incorporating multiple failure mechanisms to disentangle existing reliability models to fit the 4.0 industry needs?


Reliability, GaN, SiC, DSM, Nanotechnology, More than Moore

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