Stevica S Cvetkovic, Saša V Nikolić, Slobodan Ilic

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Although many indoor-outdoor image classification methods have been proposed in the literature, most of them have omitted comparison with basic methods to justify the need for complex feature extraction and classification procedures. In this paper we propose a relatively simple but highly accurate method for indoor-outdoor image classification, based on combination of carefully engineered MPEG-7 color and texture descriptors. In order to determine the optimal combination of descriptors which is characterized by efficient extraction, compact representation and high accuracy, we conducted comprehensive empirical tests over several color and texture descriptors. The optimal descriptors combination was used for training and testing of a binary SVM classifier. We have shown that the proper descriptors preprocessing before SVM classification has significant impact on the final result. Comprehensive experimental evaluation shows that the proposed method outperforms several more complex indoor-outdoor image classification techniques on a couple of public datasets.

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