Miloš D. Kostić, Miroslav R. Mataušek, Dejan Popović

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We present the use of the modified internal model controller (MIMC) and the “Probability Tube” (PT) action representation for robot-assisted upper extremities training of hemiplegic patients. The robot-assisted training session has two phases. During the first "demonstration" phase the robot learns from the therapist the target path through examples. In the second "exercise" phase the robot assists a patient to follow the target path. During this process, the control limits the interface force between the robot and the hand to be below the preset threshold (F = 50 N). The system allows the assessment of the range of movement, the positional error between the target and the reached position, the amount of added assistance (the interface force between the hand and the robot). We demonstrate the operation in two hemiplegic patients. The patients and therapist suggested after the tests that the new system is straightforward and intuitive for clinical applications.


stroke, disability, assistant robot, modified internal model control, assessment

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