Aleksandra Đorić, Nataša Maleš-Ilić, Aleksandar Atanasković

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This paper represents the linearization of the RF power amplifier performed by a new approach that combines two different methods exploiting the modified baseband signals. The signals for linearization in both methods are formed and processed in digital domain. The required modified baseband signals for linearization are products of the second order nonlinearity of a nonlinear system fed by the useful baseband signal. In the first method, adequate part of the modified baseband signal is adjusted in amplitude and polarity and injected at the input and output of the amplifier transistor across the DC bias circuits. In the second method, the appropriate modified baseband signal set on the appropriate amplitude and phase modulates the fundamental carrier second harmonic, which is then inserted at the input and output of the amplifier transistor. The effects of the combined linearization method are considered on a single stage power amplifier for quadrature amplitude modulated signals characterized with frequency spacing between spectral components up to 60 MHz for different input power levels, as well as for WCDMA digitally modulated signal.


linearization, power amplifier, baseband signal, second harmonic, intermodulation products

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