Vladislava Bobić, Milica Djurić-Jovičić, Nathanael Jarrasse, Milica Ječmenica-Lukić, Igor Petrović, Saša Radovanović, Nataša Dragašević, Vladimir Kostić

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A miniature inertial sensor placed on fingertip of index finger while performing finger tapping test can be used for an objective quantification of finger tapping motion. Temporal and spatial parameters such as cadence, tapping duration, and tapping angle can be extracted for detailed analysis. However, the mentioned parameters, although intuitive and simple to interpret, do not always provide all the necessary information regarding the subject’s motor performance. Analysis of frequency content of the finger tapping movement can provide crucial information about the patient's condition. In this paper, we present parameters extracted from spectral analysis that we found to be significant for finger tapping assessment. With these parameters, tapping’s intra-variability, movement smoothness and anomalies that may occur within the tapping performance can be detected and described, providing significant information for further diagnostics and monitoring progress of the disease or response to therapy.


frequency analysis, finger tapping, Parkinson's disease

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