Dragana K. Markushev, Dragan D. Markushev, Slobodanka Galović, Sanja Aleksić, Dragan Pantić, Dragan М. Todorović

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The temperature distributions in the n-type silicon circular plate, excited by a frequency-modulated light source from one side, are investigated theoretically in the frequency domain. The influence of the photogenerated excess carrier density on the temperature distributions is considered with respect to the sample thickness, surface quality and carrier lifetime. The presence of the thermalization and non-radiative recombination processes are taken into account. The existence of the fast and slow heat sources in the sample is recognized. It is shown that the temperature distribution on sample surfaces is a sensitive function of an excess carrier density under a bulk and surface recombination. The most favorable values of surface velocities ratio and bulk lifetime are established, assigned for a simpler and more effective analysis of the carrier influence in semiconductors. The photothermal and photoacoustic transmission detection configuration is proposed as a most suitable experimental scheme for the investigation of the excess carrier influence on the silicon surface temperatures.


semiconductor, surface recombination, bulk lifetime, photogeneration, excess carriers, periodic thermal excitation, temperature distribution, frequency domain, photothermal, photoacoustic

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