Miloš Kosanović, Slavimir Stošović

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In this paper a “Smart Home“ solution is proposed in which power plugs in a remote room can be controlled by a smartwatch, an Android mobile device or a PHP web app. Communication between these devices takes place in real time via server using Node.js technology. An electrical circuit for determining current and voltage on the plugs via Arduino Wi-Fi module sends the measured values to the server, based on which the electrical energy consumption in each time interval can be determined. All the measured values are stored in MySQL database and used for creation of appropriate reports. Smartwatch app enables remote plugging and unplugging. In addition, the setting of limits for electrical energy consumption on each plug is enabled, as well as the power of the consumption device that can be plugged. Exceeding of the allowed values leads to the automatic unplugging.


IoT, Smart Home, Smart Watch, power consumption

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