Stevan Stanišić, Milica Jevtić, Bhaba Das, Zoran Radaković

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In practice of loading of oil-immersed distribution transformers, there is a need to have lumped thermal model, requiring no big computational resources and computational time. One such model is presented in international transformer loading guide (IEC 60076-7), where heat transfer inside the transformer is modeled. In case of indoor transformer operation, this model does not consider transient thermal phenomena in the room. We developed a lumped model that includes heat transfer in the transformer room. In scope of the research, we also built FEM CFD (finite element method, computational fluid dynamics) model of air flow and heat transfer. The purpose of FEM CFD was to make a better insight into air flow, i.e. to study the simplifications introduced in lumped model and suggest potential improvements. This paper presents results achieved with FEM CFD. The considered case was the transformer with natural oil and natural air flow (ONAN).


Indoor transformer station, Thermal model, Finite Element Method, Computational Fluid Dynamics

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