Rabah Djekidel, Sid Ahmed Bessedik, Abdechafik Hadjadj

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This paper aims is devoted to modeling and simulation of electric field created by EHV power transmission line of 275 kV using an efficient hybrid methodology, the charge simulation method (CSM) with the Simplex Simulated Annealing (SIMPSA) algorithm in order to find the optimal position and number of fictitious charges used in CSM for an accurate calculation. Various factors that affect the electric field intensity were analyzed; it is found that the influence of the conductor sagging is clearly remarked, the maximum electric field strength at 1 m above the ground level recorded at mid-span point of the power line is 3.09 kV/m, in the proximity of the pylon, the maximum value is significantly reduced to 1.28 kV/m. The configuration type of the transmission line (single or double circuit) and the arrangements of phase conductors on double circuit pylons have a significant effect on the levels of electric field around the transmission line. For a single circuit, the triangular configuration provides the lowest maximum value of electric field. For a double circuit, the inverse phase arrangement (abc-cba) or low-reactance phasing produces the lowest maximum value of electric field. The resulting maximum electric field levels were found below the exposure values set by the ICNIRP and IRPA standards for both occupational and general public. The simulation results of electric field are compared with those obtained from the COMSOL 4.3b Multiphysics software, a fairly good agreement is found.


Catenary Geometry, Charge Simulation Method (CSM), Electric Field, EHV Power Line, Simplex Simulated Annealing (SIMPSA)

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