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Bi-Decomposition is a powerful approach for the synthesis of multi-level combinational circuits because it utilizes the properties of the given functions to find small circuits, with low power consumption and low delay. Compact bi-decompositions restrict the variables in the support of the decomposition functions as much as possible. Methods to find compact AND-, OR-, or XOR-bi-decompositions for a given completely specified function are well known.

Lattices of Boolean Functions significantly increase the possibilities to synthesize a minimal circuit. However, so far only methods to find compact AND- or OR-bidecompositions for lattices of Boolean functions are known. This gap, i.e., a method to find a compact XOR-bi-decomposition for a lattice of Boolean functions, has been closed by the approach suggested in this paper.


synthesis, combinational circuit, lattice of Boolean functions, XOR-bi-decomposition, Boolean Differential Calculus, derivative operations.

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