Marko M. Smilic, Branimir S. Jaksic, Dejan N. Milic, Stefan R. Panic, Petar C. Spalevic

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In this paper macrodiversity system consisting of two microdiversity SC (Selection Combiner) receivers and one macrodiversity SC receiver are analyzed. Independent κ-μ fading and correlated slow Gamma fading are present at the inputs to the microdiversity SC receivers. For this system model, analytical expression for the probability density of the signal at the output of the macrodiversity receiver SC, and the output capacity of the macrodiversity SC receiver are calculated. The obtained results are graphically presented to show the impact of Rician κ factor, the shading severity of the channel c, the number of clusters µ and correlation coefficient ρ on the probability density of the signal at the output of the macrodiversity system and channel capacity at the output of the macrodiversity system. Based on the obtained results it is possible to analyze the real behavior of the macrodiversity system in the presence of  κ-μ fading.


Joint probability density, channel capacity, macrodiversity SC receiver, correlation coefficient, Rician κ factor

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