Lindita Dhamo, Aida Spahiu, Mitja Nemec, Vanja Ambrozic

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This paper presents main problems of practical implementation of Field Oriented Control (FOC) developed for an Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (IPMSM). The main sources of Electromagnetic Interferences (EMI) noises are discussed and practical aspects when a position sensor is used are presented. The control system is based on the DSP processing unit, together with inverter and encoder. The main problem addressed in this paper is reduction of vibrations in torque and speed response in a real system by re-placing a hardware device of control system very susceptible to EMI noises, like encoder, with a soft block in control unit like Sliding Mode Observer, less sensitive to EMI. The experimental results with this control structure show considerable ripple reduction at steady state in torque, speed and current, as a consequence of reduction of sensitivity to EMI noises.


EMI, IPMSM, sensorless FOC

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L. Dhamo, A. Spahiu, M. Nemec, V. Ambrozic, "Electromagnetic Interferation Reduction by Using Sensorless FOC of IPMSM with PICCOLOF28069 Controlstick", In Proceedings of the Extended Abstracts of the 13th International Conference on Applied Electromagnetics (ПЕС 2017), Niš, Serbia, 2017, pp. 69.

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