Branko Milan Koprivica, Marko Sucurovic, Alenka Milovanovic

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The aim of this paper is to describe a procedure and experimental setup for calibration of AC induction magnetometer. The paper presents an overview of the previous research and results of measurement of magnetic flux density inside large-diameter multilayer solenoid. This solenoid is magnetising coil of the magnetometer. The paper also describes a system of five smaller coils of the magnetometer which are placed inside the large solenoid. Three small coils are pickup coils, accompanied with two compensation coils, of which one is an empty coil for magnetic field measurement. The experimental results of calibration of this coil system have been presented. A proper discussion of all the results presented has been also given in the paper.


Induction magnetometer, calibration, measurement uncertainty, Hall sensor, LabVIEW

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