Rafal Dlugosz, Andrzej Rydlewski, Tomasz Talaśka

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In this paper we propose novel, binary-tree, asynchronous, nonlinear filters suitable for signal processing realized at the transistor level. Two versions of the filter have been proposed, namely the dilatation (Max) and the erosion (Min) one. In the proposed circuits an input signal (current) is sampled in a delay line, controlled by a multiphase clock. In the subsequent stage particular samples are converted to 1-bit digital signals with delays proportional to the values of these samples. In the last step the delays are compared in digital binary-tree structure in order to find either the Min or the Max value, depending on which filter is used. Both circuits have been simulated in the TSMC CMOS 0.18μm technology. To make the results reliable we applied the corner analysis procedure. The circuits were tested for temperatures ranging from -40 to 120ºC, for different transistor models and supply voltages. The circuits offer a precision of about 99% at a typical detection time of 20 ns (for the Max filter) and 100 ns for the Min filter (the worst case scenario). The energy consumed per one input during a single calculation cycle equals 0.32 and 1.57 pJ, for the Max and Min filters, respectively.

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