Mladen Mileusnić, Branislav Pavić, Verica Marinković-Nedelicki, Predrag Petrović, Dragan Mitić, Aleksandar Lebl

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In this paper we first briefly compare the performances of active jamming remote controlled improvised explosive devices activation using wide-band noise and frequency sweep signal. Frequency sweep is the most widely used technique intended for active jamming and we analyze its characteristics: 1) sweep speed, 2) conditions for certainly successful jamming, 3) successful jamming probability if jamming is not certainly successful, and 4) step of frequency change when frequency sweep is applied. The separate paper section is devoted to the successful jamming probability calculation in general. The attention is also paid to jamming probability determination when starting and ending sweep signal frequencies are varied. The initial research has been upgraded and extended. The presented results refer to jamming equipment development in IRITEL, but it is important to add that they are also applicable to the other similar jamming systems realizations.


Jammer, Remote controlled improvised explosive devices, Frequency sweep, Successful jamming probability, Bit error correction

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