Enver Agić, Damir Šljivac, Bakir Agić

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Theoretically this paper will explain the formation of higher harmonic components in the electricity network, their causes, consequences on consumers and the ways of their elimination. Transformer role in the Dyg connection will be explained on the concrete example. For a specific example the waveform of primary (R) phase at 10 kV voltage level, the current of the secondary (r) phase and the neutral conductor at the 0.4 kV voltage level will be determined as shown in the concrete example in the work. Harmonic content will be determined up to 15 harmonics and the effective value of all these currents (phases R and r).  THD for current of primary (R) phase and secondary (r) fase will be calculated. In this paper, the dimensional three-phase filter is set to eliminate the maximum harmonic component of current of the primary (R) phase on the 10 kV side of the transformer. The waveform, the corresponding harmonic content for the current and THD of primary (R) phase will be determined. Additional measures have been proposed to reduce the THD. Another parallel filter has been realized to eliminate the second by size harmonic components of primary (R) phase current. It will also compare THD for primary (R) phase as in the previous cases. For the total duration of the simulation, the used time is Tstop = 0.1 sec. All of the above simulations will be realized in the MATLAB / PSB program package and simulation models will be displayed.


electricity network, higher harmonics, load, transformer coupling

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