Radmila Gerov, Zoran Jovanović

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The paper proposes a new method of identifying the linear model of a DC motor. The parameter estimation is based on the closed-loop step response of the DC motor under a proportional controller. For the application of the method, a deliberate delay of the measured speed was introduced. The paper considers the speed regulation of the direct current motor with negligible inductance by applying 1-DOF and 2-DOF, proportional integral retarded controllers. The proportional and integral gain of the PI retarded controllers was received by using a pole placement method on the identified model. The Lambert W function was applied for the identification and in designing the controller with the purpose of finding the rightmost poles of the closed-loop as well as the boundary conditions for selecting the gain of the PI controller. The robustness of the calculated controllers was considered under the effect of an disturbance, uncertainty in each of the DC motor parameters as well as perturbations in time delay.


DC motor, Identification, PI controller, Lambert W function, Time delay

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