Fawad Azeem, Ghous Bakhsh Narejo

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Effective monitoring and control of isolated rural microgrid in the developing world is challenging. The modern communication and monitoring is difficult to handle in such communities due to a complicated approach to the area, lack of modern facilities and unavailability of skilled manpower. Implementation of a microgrid in such areas using intermittent renewable sources and limited storage is challenging. Uncontrolled load consumption leads to the system-wide outages due to prolonged storage utilization in peak hours and is referred here as battery storage stress hours (BSSH). This research is focused to study and analyze the behavior of parametric load monitoring and control algorithm that could control the distinctive load of the microgrid during BSSH. In the proposed algorithm, the residential loads are distinctively controlled while utilizing the three locally available parameters that are the state of the charge of storage, solar irradiations and ambient temperature. In other words, the natural parameter variations have been uniquely utilized as a monitoring tool for load control. The fuzzy controller takes a decision for the activation or deactivation of any load based on the three parameters variation ranges. It is observed from the simulation and experimental results that while only utilizing locally available parameters the effective load control is possible.


Microgrid, stability and control, Algorithms, renewable energy, fuzzy logic, load

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