Riteshkumar Bhojani, Thomas Basler, Josef Lutz, Roland Jakob

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This paper demonstrates the detailed work on high voltage IGBTs using simulations and experiments. The current-voltage characteristics were measured up to the break through point in forward bias operating region at two different temperatures for a 50 A/4.5 kV rated IGBT chip. The experimentally measured data were in good agreement with the simulation results. It was also shown that the IGBTs are able to clamp high collector-emitter voltages although a low gate turn-off resistor in combination with a high parasitic inductance was applied. Uniform 4-cell and 8-cell IGBT models were created into the TCAD device simulator to conduct an investigation. An engendered filamentation behaviour during short-circuit turn-off was briefly reviewed using isothermal as well as thermal simulations and semiconductor approaches for development of filaments. The current filament inside the active cells of the IGBT is considered as one of the possible destruction mechanism for the device failure.

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