Bensaci Ahmed, Guettaf Yacine, Djekidel Rabah, Hamid M-H-A

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This paper presents the design and electromagnetic modeling ‎of a new structure of integrated ‎low-pass LC filter in a buck converter. This micro-filter consists of a planar circular coil ‎placed between two Mn-Zn ferrite substrates. Mn-Zn ferrite has been chosen because of its high permeability and permittivity. In this micro-filter substrates act not only as a magnetic core but also as a capacitor. A modelling of the electromagnetic and electric behavior of the integrated filter, we have simulated with the help of the ‎software PSIM 9.0 on the equivalent electrical circuit of the dimensioned filter. A ‎visualization of the different electromagnetic phenomena that appear during the ‎operation of the filter is determined in 3D space dimension using the finite element ‎method.‎


Converter DC-DC, COMSOL 3.5a, LC filter, modeling, Mn-Zn ferrite, Integration, PSIM 9.0

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