Hossein Kardanmoghaddam, MohamadReza Maraki, Amir Rajaei

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Graphene is the newest member of the multidimensional graphite carbon family. Graphene is a two-dimensional atomic crystal formed by the arrangement of carbon atoms in the hexagonal network. It is the most rigid and thinnest material ever discovered and has a wide range of uses regarding its unique characteristics. It is expected that this material will create a revolution in the electronics industry. Graphene is a very powerful superconductor as the movability of charged particles is high on it, and additionally, because of the high surface energy and π electrons being free, graphene can be used in manufacturing many electronics devices. In this paper, the applications of graphene nanoparticles reinforced polymer nanocomposites in the computer and electronics industry are investigated. These nanoparticles have received much attention from researchers and craftsmen, because graphene has unique thermal, electrical and mechanical properties. Its use as a filler in very small quantities substantially enhances the properties of nanocomposites. There are various methods for producing graphene-reinforced polymer nanocomposites. These methods affect the amount of graphene dispersion within the polymer substrate and the final properties of the composite. The application and the properties of graphene-reinforced polymer nanocomposites are discussed along with examples of results published in the papers. To better understand such materials, the applications of these nanocomposites have been investigated in a variety of fields, including batteries, capacitors, sensors, solar cells, etc., and the barriers to the growth and development of these materials application as suggested by the researchers are discussed. As the use of these nanocomposites is developing and many researchers are interested in working on it, the need to study and deal with these substances is increasingly felt.


Graphene, NanoComposite, Electrical Conductance, Electromagnetic Waves, Capacitor, Solar Cells, Light Absorption, OLED

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