Adam W Stadler, Andrzej Dziedzic

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Low-frequency noise spectroscopy (LFNS) is the experimental technique to study noise spectra, typically below 10 kHz, as a function of temperature. Results of LFNS may be presented as the “so-called” noise maps, giving detailed insight into fluctuating phenomena in electronic devices and materials. The authors show the usefulness of virtual instrument concept in developing and controlling the measurement setup for LFNS experiments. An example of noise map obtained for polymer thick-film resistors (PTFRs), made of commercial compositions, for temperature range 77 K – 300 K has been shown. The experiments proved that 1/f noise caused by resistance fluctuations is the dominant noise component in studied samples. However, obtained noise map revealed also thermally activated noise sources. Furthermore, parameters describing noise properties of resistive materials and components have been introduced and calculated using data from LFNS. Results of the work may be useful for comparison of noise properties of different resistive materials, giving also directions for improvement of thick-film technology in order to manufacture reliable, low-noise and stable PTFRs.

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