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This paper presents a research on design of multiplierless comb compensators with magnitude response synthesized as sinewave functions. First, it is elaborated the importance of comb decimation filter and why we need its compensator. In continuation are presented some favorable characteristics of comb compensator. The compensators, with magnitude characteristic synthesized as sinewave functions fulfill those favorable characteristics. Next, are described some most important results on design of compensators with sinewave-based magnitude responses including single and cascaded sinewave-based functions. In all designs are presented the overall corresponding magnitude responses and the zooms in the passband. The parameters of design generally depend only on number of cascaded combs and generally do not depend on decimation factor. Design parameters are presented in tables along with the corresponding required number of adders.


Sigma Delta AD converters, oversampling, decimation, decimation filter, comb filter, compensation filter

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