Vinh Huu Nguyen, Tien Minh Cao, Hung Nguyen, Hung Kim Le

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This research has introduced the intelligent ANFIS-Online controller of STATCOM for improving the dynamic voltage on the power network under a 3-phase short circuit fault. The ANFIS-Online is made using an artificial neural network identifier. And based on the identifier, the premise and consequent parameters of ANFIS are adjusted timely. To demonstrate the performance of the suggested controller, the transient waves are shown to describe the effectiveness of the intelligent ANFIS-Online controller to enhance the transient response of the research system under a 3-phase short circuit fault. It's shown that the suggested intelligent ANFIS-Online controller has provided waves better than the other controllers such as ANFIS controller, ANFIS-PSO controller, ANFIS-GA controller for STATCOM equipment to enhance transient voltage stability.


adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS), artificial neural network (ANN), on-line training, voltage stability, synchronous machine (SG), wind farm (WF), STATCOM

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