Jawad Faiz, Tohid Asefi, Mohammad Azeem Khan

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This article addresses dual rotor axial flux Ferrite permanent magnet (PM)  generator,  as an alternative to a surface mounted and  spoke types Nd-Fe-B generator which have concentrated windings. The performance parameters of all generators, particularly the efficiency, are identical. The design objective function is the generators mass minimization using a population-based algorithm. To predict the performance of yhe generators a finite element (FE) technique is applied. Besides, the aims of the design include minimizing cogging torque, examining different rotor pole topologies and different pole arc to pole pitch ratios. Three-dimensional FE technique is employed. It is shown that the surface mounted Ferrite generator topology cannot develop the rated torque and also has high torque ripple. In addition, it is heavier than the spoke type generator. Furthermore, it is indicated that the spoke type Ferrite PM generator has favorable performance and could be an alternative to rare-earth PM generators, particularly in wind energy applications. Finally, the performance of the designed generators is experimentally verified.


Axial flux, permanent magnet generator, dual rotor, finite element analysis, wind turbines, cogging torque, population-based algorithm

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