Sandeep Kumar Dash, Satya Narayan Mishra, Nirmal Kumar Rout

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In recent years researchers have been  focusing on the design of low power and small size oscillator for emerging areas of interest such as the internet of things (IoT) and biomedical applications. In this paper a new delay block for ring oscillator is proposed using CMOS inverter cascaded with inverted current starved inverter (CICSI). The designed delay block provides approximately 50% more delay with a smaller number of transistors than the conventionally designed circuits. Furthermore, a ring oscillator and a non-overlapping clock (NOC) generator are designed using it. The designed circuits can be used in switched capacitor (SC) circuits, analog mixed signal circuits to meet the need for low frequency portable biomedical applications. The designed circuits are simulated on Generic 90nm 1.2V Process Design Kit (GPDK90) using Cadence Virtuoso Design Environment. The simulation result shows the delay of the CICSI delay block is 592ps. The ring oscillator using 101 stages of delay block is designed and it is shown that it operates at a frequency of  17MHz with a power consumption of 420µW.


CMOS inverter, Inverted current starved inverter, NOC

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