Bernd Steinbach, Christian Posthoff

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The Boolean Differential Calculus (BDC) significantly extends the Boolean Algebra because not only Boolean values 0 and 1, but also changes of Boolean values
or Boolean functions can be described. A Boolean Differential Equation (BDE)
is a Boolean equation that includes derivative operations of the Boolean Differential Calculus. This paper aims at the classification of BDEs, the characterization of the respective solutions, algorithms to calculate the solution of a BDE, and selected applications. We will show that not only classes and arbitrary sets of Boolean functions but also lattices of Boolean functions can be expressed by Boolean Differential Equations.
In order to reach this aim, we give a short introduction into the BDC, emphasize
the general difference between the solutions of a Boolean equation and a BDE, explain the core algorithms to solve a BDE that is restricted to all vectorial derivatives of f(x) and optionally the Boolean variables. We explain formulas for transforming other derivative operations to vectorial derivatives in order to solve more general BDEs. New fields of applications for BDEs are simple and generalized lattices of Boolean functions. We describe the construction, simplification and solution.
The basic operations of XBOOLE are sufficient to solve BDEs. We demonstrate
how a XBOOLE-problem program (PRP) of the freely available XBOOLE-Monitor
quickly solves some BDEs.

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