Nadjah Attik, Abd Essalam Badoud, Farid Merahi, Abdelbaset Laib, Yahia Ayat

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This paper is deals in part of research that has been conducted on modern means in the basis of power electronics. Harmonic cancellation of distribution network is currently a serious problem, especially in high electrical industry. The main source of harmonic currents injected into the network requires attention to reduce the current harmonic levels. Energy quality is a fairly broad concept which covers both, the quality of power supply (voltage wave) and these of the currents injected into the electrical grid. In this context, a modern approved preventive solution in purpose to limit the rate of harmonic disturbance caused by the deferent power electronics systems connected to the grid must take action. It appears necessary to develop the quality and stability of the grid and develop curative devices such as converters provided with a control device making the current drawn on the most sinusoidal network possible. This paper proposes a control of tow stage grid tied PV system established on finite set model predictive control (FS-MPC). The design of FS-MPC is developed depending on the structure and operating principle associated to three-phase inverter tied to the grid.  In this context, we have also employed the structure of MPPT controller (P&O) and PI controller for adjustment of the DC-bus voltage. To set the proposed control scheme, numerical simulations are carried out using Matlab/Simulink 2013b. The obtained results demonstrate that the proposed control scheme assure the tracking of MPP and the injection of extracted PV power into the grid with high current quality under irradiation changes.


Photovoltaic system, Two-level inverter, Finite Set Model Predictive Control FS-MPC, THD, Grid-connected

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