Rabah Djekidel, Sid Ahmed Bessedik, Abdechafik Hadjadj

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Sharing corridors between high voltage alternating current (HVAC) power lines and metallic pipelines has become quite common. Voltages can be induced on pipelines from HV power lines, which may cause a risk of electric shock to the operator and serious corrosion damage on metallic pipelines. This paper aims to examine the capacitive coupling between aerial metallic pipelines and HV power lines in perfect parallelism case and in general situation which is formed by parallelism, approaches and crossings, using a combination of charge simulation method and Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) algorithm. The electric field at the pipeline's surface and the induced voltage on the pipeline are strongly affected by the pipeline separation distance. The presented simulation results are compared with those obtained from the admittance matrix analysis, a good agreement has been obtained.


Charge Simulation Method (CSM); Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm (ABC), Capacitive Coupling, H-V Overhead Power Line, Aerial Pipelines

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