Danijel Dankovic, Milos Djordjevic

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This paper presents the bibliographic review of smart systems implemented so far and their application. Also this paper is dedicated to new smart mobile system developed for monitoring microclimatic parameters. This system is primarily intended for monitoring real-time microclimatic parameters, such as air quality where the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) is monitored, as well as other microclimatic parameters. The mobile system which will be described in this manuscript can be installed in public transport (to obtain information on microclimatic parameters on a known route). Also, to obtain information on microclimatic parameters from a random route, it is possible to install the system in a taxi vehicle. This system provides the ability to generate a map using the data provided by the system based on GPS coordinates. The system is based on a group of embedded sensors, GPS module, PIC microcontroller as a core and server system, and wireless internet using Global System for Mobile Telecommunications (GSM) module with General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) as a communication protocol.


Smart mobile system, Internet of Things, PIC microcontroller, Sensor technology

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