Nenad Petrovic, Selena Vasić, Dejan Milić, Suad Suljović, Samir Koničanin

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In this paper we have analyzed macro-diversity (MD) system with one macro SC diversity (MD SC) receiver and two micro MRC (mD MRC) receivers over correlated Gamma-shadowed k-µ fading channel. The average bit error probability (ABEP) is calculated using the moment generating function (MGF) approach for BDPSK and BPSK modulations. Graphical representation of the results illustrates the effects of different parameters of the system on its performance as well as the improvements due to the benefits of a combined micro and macro diversity. The obtained analytical expressions are used for the GPU-enabled mobile network modeling, planning and simulation environment to determine the value of Quality of Service (QoS) parameter. Finally, linear optimization is proposed as an approach to improve the QoS parameter of the fading-affected system observed in this paper.


Gamma shadowing, k-µ fading, MGF, ABEP, GPGPU, SDR

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