Vladan Vučković, Sanja Spasić

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This paper presents in detail the methods for realization of the basic software infrastructure for the conversion of 3-D animation of Tesla’s laboratory in Long Island to modern stereoscopic 3-D formats. Modeling of Tesla’s lab is done in cooperation with the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade on a project entitled “Computer Simulation and Modeling of the Original Patents of Nikola Tesla”  approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia. In recent years, there has been a revolution in the field of 3-D technology, so it is clear that this will be the strategic direction of the progressing of television, cinema screenings and presentations in the future. Using modern technology for generating and conversion to stereoscopic 3-D format, the authors show in detail the procedure that was used in the realization of this segment of the project. The complete improved 3D developing pipeline from the original photograph to the stereoscopic 3D real-time model is also presented. The novelty in the phase of semiautomatic materialization of the wire models is also described.


Computer simulation, 3-D modeling, Nikola Tesla’s Long Island Laboratory.

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