Zoran Bohumil Vosika, Vojislav V Mitić, Vesna Paunović, Jelena Manojlović, Goran Lazović

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The applications of BaTiO3-ceramics are very important and constantly increasing nowadays. In that sense, we analyzed some phenomena related to inter-granular effects. We used experimental data based on Murata powders and processing technology. Our original contribution to Heywang-Jonker-Daniels inter-granular capacity model is based on thermodynamic fractal analysis applied on phase transition in ceramic structures. In this case, PTCR effect has a diffuse first-order phase transition character in a modified Landau theory-fractal approach. Its basic properties are considered. This is an original contribution as a bridge between theoretical aspects of BaTiO3-ceramics and experimental results.


PTCR effect, BaTiO3-ceramics, Heywang-Jonker-Daneils model, fractal correction, phase transition

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