Lakshmi Narayana Thalluri, K V V Kumar, Konari Raja Sekhar, N Bhushana Babu D, S S Kiran, Koushik Guha

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This paper describes the significance of the iterative approach and the structure damping analysis which help to get better the performance and validation of shunt capacitive RF MEMS switch. The micro-cantilever based electrostatic ally actuated shunt capacitive RF MEMS switch is designed and after multiple iterations on cantilever structure a modification of the structure is obtained that requires low actuation voltage of 7.3 V for 3 µm deformation. To validate the structure we have performed the damping analysis for each iteration. The low actuation voltage is a consequence of identifying the critical membrane thickness of 0.7 µm, and incorporating two slots and holes into the membrane. The holes to the membrane help in stress distribution. We performed the Eigen frequency analysis of the membrane. The RF MEMS switch is micro machined on a CPW transmission line with Gap-Strip-Gap (G-S-G) of 85 µm - 70 µm - 85 µm. The switch RF isolation properties are analyzed with high dielectric constant thin films i.e., AlN, GaAs, and HfO2. For all the dielectric thin films the RF MEMS switch shows a high isolation of -63.2 dB, but there is shift in the radio frequency. Because of presence of the holes in the membrane the switch exhibits a very low insertion loss of -0.12 dB.


Vibration analysis, RF MEMS switches, material science, FEM tools analysis

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