Adnan Ramakić, Zlatko Bundalo, Željko Vidović

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In this paper we present some features that may be used in person gait recognition applications. Gait recognition is an interesting way of people identification. During a gait cycle, each person creates unique patterns that can be used for people identification. Also, gait recognition methods ordinarily do not need interaction with a person and that is the main advantage of these methods. Features used in a person gait recognition methods can be obtained with widely available RGB and RGB-D cameras. In this paper we present a two features which are suitable for use in gait recognition applications. Mentioned features are height of a person and step length of a person. They may be extracted and were extracted from depth images obtained from RGB-D camera. For experimental purposes, we used a custom dataset created in outdoor environment using a long-range stereo camera.


Gait Recognition, Gait Energy Image, Backfilled Gait Energy Image, Height of a Person, Step Length of a Person.

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