Larouci Benyekhlef, Sitayeb Abdelkader, Boudjella Houari, Ayad Ahmed Nour El Islam

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The essential objective of optimal power flow is to find a stable operating point which minimizes the cost of the production generators and its losses, and keeps the power system acceptable in terms of limits on the active and reactive powers of the generators. In this paper, we propose the nature-inspired Cuckoo search algorithm (CSA) to solve economic/emission dispatch problems with the incorporation of FACTS devices under the valve-point loading effect (VPE). The proposed method is applied on different test systems cases to minimize the fuel cost and total emissions and to see the influence of the integration of FACTS devices. The obtained results confirm the efficiency and the robustness of the Cuckoo search algorithm compared to other optimization techniques published recently in the literature. In addition, the simulation results show the advantages of the proposed algorithm for optimizing the production fuel cost, total emissions and total losses in all transmission lines.


Combined economic emission dispatch, OPF, Cuckoo search algorithm, VPE, FACTS devices.

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