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The ever-growing amount of data on mobile phones, tablets, and smart electronic devices on the Internet and the need to use this data to address problems highlight the importance of the evaluation and validation of data-sharing websites. The GSMHOSTING website plays a key role in communicating and providing services to its users in terms of repairing mobile phones and smart electronic devices. The purpose of this study was to determine its quality from the perspective of mobile phone repair technicians. These technicians were 100 people from Birjand in South Khorasan province (Iran) who used GSMHOSTING website as a reference. The website quality assessment study was conducted in the summer of 2020. The study applied a descriptive survey and cross-sectional method based on a questionnaire. The questionnaire included 11 website dimensions: Routing, Information, Delivery, Apparent Features, Security, Reputation, Society, Entertainment, Provided goods and services, Reliability, Trust. Scores were given on a Likert scale. The validity of the questionnaire was determined using the opinions of web experts. The SPSS software and descriptive and inferential statistics methods were used to analyze data. The results indicated that the average quality of this website was acceptable in terms of technicians’ goals.  Addressing problems highlighted some of the website dimensions that will increase the overall quality of the website to support technicians in their activities.


Website, Web User, Internet, User satisfaction

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