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Mitigation of the electromagnetic radiations is essential for reliable communication of information. The challenges lie in achieving sufficiently good absorption over a broad range of frequencies. Considering the applications in airborne and handheld devices where light weight, thin, conformable and broadband absorbers are desired, numerous techniques and methods are applied to design broadband absorbers. In this review paper, a detailed analysis on electromagnetic absorbers including evolution, the materials used, and characteristics such as absorption efficiency over the years is presented. Progress on recent research on various polymer- based and metamaterial- based microwave shields are included along with their findings. Several prospects such as broadbanding, flexibility, multibanding are described here. Various material and structural composition offering good absorption performance in different frequency bands are also summarized whose the techniques can be used for suppressing electromagnetic interference and radar signature. The paper specifies the aspects one encounters while designing and realizing a perfect microwave absorber. Explored here are several works of distinguished authors  which are based on various techniques used to achieve good absorption performance with ease of mounting.


absorber, electromagnetic, metamaterial, microwave, bandwidth

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