Sheilla Atieno Odhiambo, Gilbert De Mey, Carla Hertleer, Lieva Van Langenhove

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Capacitors have been made on textile substrates. Stainless steel yarns were used as electrodes. The dielectric material was a mixture of PEDOT and PSS. Stainless steel yarns were used as the electrodes. These capacitors are developed to be inserted in wearable textiles, a research field called smart textiles. After charging, a spontaneous discharge was observed lasting for several hours. By connecting a small resistance or even a short circuit for a certain time, it was observed that the voltage starts to rise afterwards when the load resistor or the short circuit was removed. This phenomenon is known as dielectric absorption. It was observed for the PEDOT:PSS cells that the voltage recovery is relatively high as compared to other materials.


dielectric absorption, capacitor, PEDOT:PSS, textile

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