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Communication through voice call leads to significant growth in technology in distant areas where two or more people from opposite ends of world will connect. This research describes a case study of voice call transfer service. This research aims at designing a system that will allow Android users to communicate over Wi-Fi. This design is able to transfer voice of incoming telephone caller over Wi-Fi network at real time through UDP. It uses client/server architecture: Server for receiving telephone call and transferring voice (one user) and client for receiving incoming caller voice and enables communication with server. Architecture designed could be used on Android smart phones with telephony enabled and tablets with telephony not enabled. Outcome of this research will allow users to communicate on real time at no cost. Proposed design gives cost effective, reliable and real time voice communication over Wi-Fi. It provides good and comfort experience to users in emergency situation where user cannot effort cost for telephone call. Proposed design is useful for educational organizations, construction buildings, shopping malls and hospitals which point to new possibilities for voice communication.


voice call, voice call transfer service, real time, client/server architecture, incoming caller, telephony

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