Dhananjaya Tripathy, Debiprasad Priyabrata Acharya, Prakash Kumar Rout, Sudhansu Mohan Biswal

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This paper focuses on the impact of variation in the thickness of the oxide (SiO2) layer on the performance parameters of a FinFET analysed by varying the oxide layer thickness in the range of 0.8nm to 3nm. While varying the oxide layer thickness, the overall width of the FinFET is fixed at a value 30nm, and the FinFET parameters are analysed for structures with different oxide layer thickness. The parameters like drain current, transconductance, transconductance generation factor, parasitic capacitances, output conductance, cut-off frequency, maximum frequency, GBW, energy and power consumption are calculated to study the influence of FinFET oxide (SiO2) layer thickness variation. It is detected from the result and analysis that the drain current, transconductance, transconductance generation factor, gain bandwidth and output conductance improve with decrement in oxide layer thickness whereas, the parasitic capacitances, cut-off frequency and maximum frequency degrade when there is a reduction in oxide (SiO2) layer thickness. The parameters like energy and consumed power of FinFET get better when the oxide (SiO2) layer thickness increases.


FinFET, oxide layer thickness, transconductance generation factor, maximum frequency

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