Nasreddine Belbachir, Mohamed Zellagui, Benaissa Bekkouche

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. The satisfaction of electricity customers and environmental constraints imposed have made the trend towards renewable energies more essential given its advantages such as reducing power losses and enhancing voltage profiles. This study addresses the optimal sizing and setting of Photovoltaic Distributed Generator (PVDG) connected to Radial Distribution Network (RDN) using various novel optimization algorithms. These algorithms are implemented to minimize the Multi-Objective Function (MOF), which devoted to optimize the Total Active Power Loss (TAPL), the Total Voltage Deviation (TVD), and the overcurrent protection relays (OCRs)’s Total Operation Time (TOT). The effectiveness of the proposed algorithms is validated on the test system standard IEEE 33-bus RDN. In this paper is presented a recent meta-heuristic optimization algorithm of the Slime Mould Algorithm (SMA), where the results reveal its effectiveness and robustness among all the applied optimization algorithms, in identifying the optimal allocation (locate and size) of the PVDG units into RDN for mitigating the power losses, enhance the RDN system's voltage profiles and improve the overcurrent protection system. Accordingly, the SMA approach can be a very favorable algorithm to cope with the optimal PVDG allocation problem.


Multi-objective function, Photovoltaic distributed generation, Radial distribution network, Optimal integration, Metaheuristic optimization algorithms.

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