David Flores, Salvador Hidalgo, Jesús Urresti

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Although IGBT modules are widely used as power semiconductor switch in many high power applications, there are still reliability problems related to the current unbalance between paralleled IGBTs that may destroy the whole module and, eventually, the power system. Indeed, short-circuit and overvoltage events can also destroy some of the IGBTs of the power module. In this sense, the instantaneous monitoring of the anode current and voltage values and the use of a more intelligent gate driver able to work with the signals of each particular IGBT of the module would enhance its operating lifetime. In this sense, the paper describes the design, optimization, fabrication and basic performances of 3.3 kV – 50 A punch-through IGBTs for traction and tap changer applications where anode current and voltage sensors are monolithically integrated within the IGBT core.

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