Ralf Siemieniec, Michael Hutzler, Oliver Blank, David Laforet, Li Juin Yip, Alan Huang, Ralf Walter

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Low-voltage power MOSFETs based on charge-compensation using a field-plate offer a significant reduction of the area-specific on-resistance. Beside a further improvement of this key parameter, the new device generation takes an in-depth focus on the other device parameters which are essential to the targeted application fields. To allow a high efficiency also in light-load conditions, the power MOSFET not only needs to meet general requirements like low on-resistance, low gate charge and good avalanche capability, but must also have a low output capacitance and low reverse-recovery charge. The paper discusses how the most important of these often conflicting requirements were identified. It is shown that beside the device technology the package contributes significantly to the overall device performance. A new package solution is introduced which is especially suited for high current applications linked to high reliability requirements such as industrial motor drives or servers.

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