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As an epicenter of democracy and protection of citizens’ rights in the field of local government, local authorities have a primary role in exercising and protecting the rights of children. As local government authorities are the most significant stakeholders in this area at the local level, this paper analyzes the role of the following local government bodies in the context of the City of Kragujevac: the City Administration for Health and Social Care, the Center for Social Care “Solidarnost,” and the Ombudsman. The activities of the local authorities are numerous and diverse, and they are significantly aggravated in practice by the imprecise delimitation of their responsibilities from the central authorities. However, these institutions are indispensable regarding the protection of children’s rights, providing support to both the child and the family in order to improve and preserve their quality of life, to remove or alleviate the risks of adverse life circumstances, as well as to enable them to become autonomous subjects within the society.


Children’s rights, the City Administration for Health and Social Care, the Center for Social Care "Solidarnost", the Ombudsman

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